Sink Limited Edition

How do you reimagine something which has had pretty much the same form for generations? That was the task we set ourselves with this new take on the sink. We looked at what really had to be there, and what we assumed needed to be the case. And somewhere between those poles we discovered space to be creative.

127 75-57 cm

The key realisation was that hot and cold water needn't be side by side, or indeed that the water comes through the same tap. Once we saw that the taps could be independent, we were liberated. And in that freedom we found Swan. It's simple enough - one tap is above, and the water pours down. The other is to one side, and jets into the sink. And the result is a look that sets Swan apart. This is iconoclastic design, a piece of disruptive luxury that will set you apart for your commitment to challenge orthodoxy and embrace bold modern solutions.

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