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A member of the Osso family, Osso office is a table ideal for office use. The process leading to the design has been one of investigating stability, and the role symmetry plays in our perceptions. How objects look informs our sense of how they function, and the way we engage with them. Osso presents a thoroughly modern response to the question of how professionals can get work done, and is in its form and history a metaphor for using intelligence to produce an unexpected outcome that delivers results.

Sit down at your Osso, and you’re presented with a new way of doing things, whether you’re using the surface of the table to develop a new business plan on your computer, making a Skype call to a colleague overseas, or spreading papers out to make notes before committing to a decisive plan of action.

75 168-71 cm
  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Want to eat outside at one of our tables? Do it! One of the things that we like with our pieces is that they’re equally happy outdoors and in. >>

  • Packing & Delivery

    Getting finished pieces to you in the condition we create them is something we give considerable attention. We construct our packaging to withstand the most invasive journey and worst travel conditions. >>

  • Artisan expertise

    One of the areas we continue to stand out is in our use of artisan craftspeople to bring designs into reality.The artisans we work with have typically worked in classical traditions as well as within contemporary design. >>

  • Get help buying

    Interested in getting a new look for your home or work environment? Talk to us. With your space, and our design skills, we can work wonders between us. Contact us soon. Contact us on support@sa.design >>

  • Design process

    Every piece we have created starts with some kind of inspirationThat spark of imagination becomes the basis of a process of sketching and research, which tends to lead to more research and further sketching. >>

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