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our starting point, and reference point.

A dining table that speaks with clarity and finesse about who you are and what you value, Flow is as its name suggests an organic structure that brings to mind wings and water currents, the movement of animals and stillness of flowers.

It's a captivating piece that rewards close inspection, while demanding and holding attention on first sight. Furniture like this becomes part of your life, an investment that repays dividends in so many ways. It's a talking point that's gloriously functional, a centerpiece that fades into the background when it's in obtrusive quality of construction becomes second nature. This is more than a very special table - it's the kind of art that you'll want to pass on to the next generation, whether you've got children of your own or would like to gift it to someone who'll appreciate it in the same way that you do.

75         75 cm
120  130  140


Interested in getting a new look for your home or work enviroment? Talk to us. With your space, and your design skills, we can work wonders between us. Show us some pictures of the space you have available. Tell us about who you are, what you do, any details ....

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  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Want to eat outside at one of our tables? Do it! One of the things that we like with our pieces is that they’re equally happy outdoors and in. >>

  • Packing & Delivery

    Getting finished pieces to you in the condition we create them is something we give considerable attention. We construct our packaging to withstand the most invasive journey and worst travel conditions. >>

  • Artisan expertise

    One of the areas we continue to stand out is in our use of artisan craftspeople to bring designs into reality.The artisans we work with have typically worked in classical traditions as well as within contemporary design. >>

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    Interested in getting a new look for your home or work environment? Talk to us. With your space, and our design skills, we can work wonders between us. Contact us soon. Contact us on support@sa.design >>

  • Design process

    Every piece we have created starts with some kind of inspirationThat spark of imagination becomes the basis of a process of sketching and research, which tends to lead to more research and further sketching. >>

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