Coffee Table Double Side
ELEGANCE the simplest solution,
nothing more and nothing less

The Greeks had a goddess they called Eris. She was associated with chaos, and people often have the wrong idea about what chaos means. The mathematics of chaos can create beauty in many forms. They’re just not the regular linear forms we’re used to. Look at this magnificent table, and you’ll see what we mean. It brings to mind the shapes of animals, of creatures moving.

It evokes the influence of water and wind, fire and flux. By not being pinned down to one clearly identifiable shape, it transcends boundaries and labels. Very simply, it is what it is. And we wanted to name this piece in a way that would acknowledge the influence of Eris in our lives. She is there – still - in the movement of birds, the shapes that music takes, in the unbound thoughts and feelings that inspire some of our greatest moments. Hail Eris!

44 122-50 cm


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