SA Company SRL.

Via Passo Buole 2,
20135, Milan (MI), Italy
T +39 (02) 344 532
F +39 (02) 344 565




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If you’re a blogger or a journalist, and you’re interested in what we do, let us know. We’re really keen to increase awareness of our work, and would be pleased to do so through connections who have access to media channels that we currently have no links with. We’re more than happy to do interviews, and have a lot of high quality photos and other materials available. Websites, magazines, podcasts…if you write/ produce/ curate content for any that overlap with what we do and how we do it, we’d love to hear from you.


Our reputation is good, but our size has its limitations. We like being based in Milan, and working the way we do. What can we say? Our culture suits us.
We’d also like more people to be aware of our work. That way, we can sell more pieces, and we prosper. That prosperity is something you can share with us.
If you are involved with a gallery, or have another means of showcasing our work, it’s possible that you could be an ambassador for Sa products.
We’ll put time into making an arrangement that’s tailored to your facilities and aspirations, whatever country you are based in.
Get in touch, and we can open a dialogue about what way forward would work best for us both. We can be as creative in our partnerships as we are in the pieces we make. Call this number for free. XXX
SA Design