Every piece we have created starts with some kind of inspiration. Often that’s a realization that one of our designers has, an insight that lends itself to some kind of solution. Sometimes that’s in response to a problem set by a client, more often it’s a fascination of the designer’s.
That spark of imagination becomes the basis of a process of sketching and research, which tends to lead to more research and further sketching. And somewhere in that journey, other people will become involved to allow the project to benefit from the input of several skilled professionals working as a team to allow different perspectives and skillsets to mesh for the benefit of all.
Once the design works in the form of illustrations and blueprints, it’s time to move on to physical models. However good the concepts on paper and screen, it’s when ideas take material form that they truly take shape and enter the world. Initial models may be done small, to scale, and as the process continues they will grow to emulate the actual size of the pieces they will become.
One model becomes two becomes five or ten as the design is iterated and improves. Somewhere along the line, an agreed form is settled on, and that is approved to become the template for the actual piece. At that point a mold is made to precise specifications, and that will be the foundation of a carbon fiber prototype that’s baked in an oven with metal inserts to ensure its functionality, and sophisticated composite materials guaranteeing strength in use.
The final stage is for an artisan craftsman to put finishing touches to the piece that will make small but significant differences for the customer – including hand-painting with colours created for high-specification cars. Finally … perfection.

SA Design